Sexless Marriage Help: Tips To Improving And Understanding Sex Problems In Your Relationship


Sexless marriage help is available but can be an embarrassing topic to discuss, even with professional counsellors.  I hope these tips help you understand some of the causes of a sexless marriage and will give you a few ideas of how to put back the romance in your life.

Many married couples experience sex problems in their marriages over time, as their relationship evolves and matures.

Though nothing makes a couple more bonded emotionally and physically than intercourse, a troubled sex life can bring on relationship catastrophe, even separation or divorce.

Making love re-charges a relationship, and making time for this intimate connection is important to ensuring a healthy partnership. The important key to improving your unique relationship is by taking time to learn and understand what the underlying problem is, whether it be a physical or emotional, and work as a team on overcoming the obstacle.

If unable to improve the issue on your own, then acquiring sexless marriage help from a professional might be necessary. No matter what the underlying cause might be, it is important that you recognize this is a common occurrence between spouses. It is nothing to be ashamed of and there is help available to get you back on track to a healthier, happier marriage.

Some reasons for a sexless marriage

There are many reasons why a husband and wife encounter sex problems in marriage. One common reason surrounds self-esteem and body image. This problem occurs more commonly in women than men, but can affect either a man or woman.

Using a female as an example, as she ages and the relationship matures, a wife might feel her physique doesn’t have the sexy qualities it once did. After having a few children or just from natural aging, she might feel ashamed that her body is no longer tight or firm.

For a woman to feel comfortable during love making, she needs to feel beautiful and confident. If she is ashamed of her body, it is natural that she will avoid being exposed during the intimacy of sex. To work on this type of problem in a sexless marriage, help her feel more comfortable and self-confident. Make the atmosphere more comfortable such as adding candles to the bedroom to allow for dim lighting or sharing a bubble bath instead of a shower.

Also, communicate to her how beautiful she is to you, not only when in the bedroom but during a normal day. Most importantly, let her know you miss making love and want her to be comfortable – that she should not feel embarrassed to discuss what would put her at ease. Open communication and a little tweaking of environment should work wonders on this type of sexual marriage problem.

No time to make lovesexless marriage help

Sometimes sex problems in marriage arise for simply explained reasons such as lack of time and/or exhaustion. Couples who have children are even more vulnerable to these common sex problems in marriage. The good news is that a little communication can go a long way to getting their sex life back on track.

Hectic work schedules, whether in an office or at home, often results in sleepiness and the need to just relax when bedtime comes around. Some husbands or wives become glued to the tv until one spouse eventually falls asleep or both stay up too late. All that these couples need is open communication, to ensure they make time for sex in their relationship.

To help jump start the process, start with a small goal like one or two “romantic nights” per week, where the tv remains off and you get into bed at a reasonable hour, so you have time to relax and enjoy each other.

Underlying marriage problems

Another reason couples discover they need sexless marriage help is when there is a deeper, underlying problem in the relationship. Husbands or wives withhold intimacy and making love as a type of punishment for unresolved issues. These types of sex problems in marriage often need therapeutic intervention, to get at the core reason the relationship is troubled.

Love making is extremely intimate, and when a person is holding in anger or envy, it is difficult to consider engaging in such a loving act. A spouse should never withhold sex or use it as a bargaining tool. The ability to communicate effectively and work on the problems beneath the surface is the first step to restoring stability in these types of marital problems.

Physical problems can cause a sexless marriage

Of course, sometimes physical problems can be the cause of sexual marital troubles. Whether ailments such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness or more general conditions like a bad back, it is very important that this type of sexless marriage help is addressed by a medical professional. Physical problems can take time to improve, so it is very important that a husband or wife shows patience, encouragement and empathy while his or her spouse is being treated.

There are many types of emotional or physical problems that can cause sex problems in marriage, but if a couple works together and communicates effectively, chances are lovemaking will improve over time, most likely becoming better than ever. Sexless marriage help is available but I hope these tips will helped to give you a few ideas of how to put back the romance in your life.

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