Sexless Marriage – Some Causes of Impotence And Loss of Libido


Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common cause of a sexless marriage but it isn’t the sort of thing many men care to talk about due to embarrassment. No matter whether it’s called erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, impotence, or anything else, erection problems are something which many men have to face at some time in their life.

The causes of impotence impotence are varied, but what is so annoying is that tens of millions of men have some type of erectile dysfunction – yet less than half of them try to get help for it.

Because of embarrassment or simply feeling like there’s nothing that can be done, erectile dysfunction is often ignored when something could be done about it. The fact is, you can prevent and treat most erection problems when you know what they are, what causes them, and what treatment for impotence is available.

Symptoms of impotence

  • An inability to maintain an erection
  • The tendency to maintain only brief erections
  • The inability to be consistent in erections

Impotence in young men

It may surprise you just how many men between the ages of 20 to 40 are also experiencing the problem of erectile dysfunction. Many younger men don’t seek advice about their erectile dysfunction because they think that it’s something that only happens to older men. The knowledge that this is a problem which affects men of all ages may encourage them to get the help they need instead of hiding it from others.

Causes of impotence

It’s important to realise that it’s not just physical problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes that are possible reasons for impotence but also emotional and psychological problems.

Stress is often a big factor in relation to loss of libido

It can be difficult to focus on the enjoyment of sexual activities when you have too much stress in your life. While it’s impossible to eliminate all of the stress from our lives we can certainly reduce it. It’s time to take a good look at your life. If you having too much stress because of work, finances, relationships, or other concerns you need to do something about it quickly.

Emotional issues

For many men, erectile dysfunction isn’t the result of any physical problem with their body. Instead it is the result of emotional or psychological problems they are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

Harbouring some kind of grudge against your partner could be the root cause of your impotence. Some men aren’t able to get or keep an erection after they find out their partner has cheated on them or betrayed them in some way. They may have repressed anger about this and many other aspects of the relationship that are nagging them.

Counseling is a very effective type of treatment for this type of problem. It can help a man overcome the problems that are stopping him from having a healthy sex life.

One cause of ED is when men feel there is too much pressure on them to perform sexually but have low self-esteem. As a result they feel overly anxious about how they will perform in the eyes of their partner. The stress caused by such expectations can result in erectile dysfunction.

Some men have had their self-esteem so damaged by previous partners that they aren’t confident in their abilities to satisfy their current partner. A man who is afraid he can’t perform sexually is likely to retreat emotionally from intimate relationships. In fact, some men begin fights with their spouse just so they can avoid the real issue.

Exhaustion can also result in erectile dysfunction

It is not just the physical exhaustion however as it is possible for a man to be mentally exhausted from the strain of trying to cope with worry. As a rule, men don’t talk much about what’s worrying them and the internal stress caused by hiding their problems from the world takes such a toll on them that they simply get worn out by it all.

Smoking and impotence

Your lifestyle can be a cause of erectile dysfunction as well. Research has shown that males who smoke, are overweight, don’t eat a healthy diet, and that don’t exercise have a higher chance of it occurring. Smoking is a major cause as it can have a bad effect on blood flow through the veins and arteries. Smoking has also been associated with lower testosterone levels.

Over the counter erectile dysfunction remedy

Because so many men are taking medication as a treatment of impotence there is a misconception that these products are completely safe. While they can be extremely helpful there are some side effects which you should know about. With some of these ED medications there can be problems such as your vision or hearing being affected. Being aware of these possible side effects is very important.

By finding out more about erectile dysfunction medication you can make up your mind if you want to use an over the counter erectile dysfunction remedy rather than seeing your doctor.

Getting help for erectile dysfunction problems

Now that you know a little more about the causes of impotence you can seek help in the knowledge that you are not the only one man with the problem. Whatever happens, never feel too embarrassed to talk to your partner or to your doctor about your erectile dysfunction.

Any man affected by erectile dysfunction is recommended to see a doctor instead of attempting to deal with it on their own. By putting off medical attention you could be allowing problems to intensify when they could have been addressed early on. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it with the help of the right treatment.

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  1. Nat says

    Well I’m not afraid to admit I have E/D. I’ve had this problem about 25 years. I’ve tryed pills, pump and all kinds of gadgets. Its embarrassing but something you no control of. Sex died 25 years ago and it turned into a loveless marriage. Not were much older and take meds fof various problems includung depression. Were retired and on a fixed income so breaking up is not an option. Were friends.
    My wife is still upset cause we don’t have sex, she understands the problems and when she focus on the problem shes OK again. On occassion she will get upset big time and call me names from bastard to a fag. I ruined our marriage. Thats the way it is. sexless for 25 years.

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