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Seven + 1 Ways to Avoid the Seven-Year Itch

Seven-year itch pertains to the most challenging stage of marriage. This is supposed to be the period where marital woes are at its worst. Google defines it “a supposed tendency to infidelity after seven years of marriage.” I personally do not believe in this. There will be problems no matter how early or long the […]

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Is Your Sex Life Boring and Predictable?

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If your sex life is becoming boring and predictable, or even non-existent then it’s worth trying just about anything to get it going again. To tell the truth after a few years this happens to most marriages but you can do something about it. Remember how GREAT it was when you were first dating? Sure […]

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Signs She’s Thinking About Leaving

No man wants to contemplate the idea that the wife he loves is thinking about leaving him. The sad part is that it’s something that happens in many relationships at some point or another. Before you get too carried away making assumptions that probably aren’t true, check for clear signs she’s thinking about leaving you. […]

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Why Respect Is Vital In A Marriage

One of the things that can cause big problems in a marriage is the lack of respect shown to your spouse. No marriage can hope to prosper without it. It is not just showing it in words because much of it is non-verbal in the way of actions and body language. Compliment them on the […]

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How to Stop Arguing All the Time


There’s no doubt that men and women think differently about relationships. So understanding how men think is one of the greatest things you will ever learn. And, the new relationship counselling book, Melt Your Man’s Heart, will help you do just that, and show you what to do about problems in a relationship, not just […]

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Is Your Controlling Spouse Threatening Your Marriage?

Is a controlling spouse causing a problem with your marriage? Is your spouse controlling you or are you the one with the controlling behaviours? Certainly, it’s quite normal to want control over one’s own way of life but not to the point of totally controlling everyone around you as well. Those who display controlling behaviour […]

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Should The Over 60’s Use Treatment For Erectile Problems ?

A vibrant sex life is not only possible, but quite commonplace, well into the later years. Getting old doesn’t necessarily mean refraining from an active love life. The idea that older people are still interested in sex is seen as slightly disgusting by younger people but getting old does not always means they have to […]

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Emotional Insecurity In A Marriage

Emotional insecurity in a marriage is a major problem. Why? Because security in any relationship really matters and not just in marriage either. Insecurity can affect your health, your wellbeing, your happiness in a relationships more than any other factor. And insecurities in your most intimate relationships have the biggest effect of all. And that […]

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How to Get a Divorce in England and Wales

Getting a divorce is not a decision to be taken lightly but you will know when it’s time to end a marriage. Of course, divorce would have been the last thing on your mind when you got married but now it’s time to face facts and do what is necessary. The divorce procedure may be […]

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Magic of Making Up Review

magic of making up book

The Magic of Making book up will tell you all you need to know about how to go about rebuilding a relationship and getting it back on track once more. When a marriage is falling apart, what all of us want more than anything else is a way to stop things deteriorating before it completely breaks […]

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