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control issues

How to Handle Control Issues That Cause Marriage Problems

Control issues cause problems in many marriages. Have you ever been irritated because your spouse does things differently than you do? Do you get upset if he or she has different opinions and makes different choices than you would? If so, you have bumped up against some of your own personal control issues and triggers […]

blood pressure

Improve Your Sexlife by Lowering Your Blood Pressure

I was reading a popular book by medical researcher Frank Mangano about lowering blood pressure without medications. You see, lowering blood pressure is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Trouble is with most men they don’t really care about their health until something serious is amiss. I mean, who really cares […]

keys to love

3 Keys To Transform Your Marriage

Recognizing you have a marriage problem is the first step along the road to transforming your marriage, and for most couples simply acknowledging there is a problem shatters the marriage myth. We are taught in school how to do sums, how to read and recognize Shakespeare, and how to conduct scientific experiments, but what do […]

suspicious woman

How Do You Get Over An Affair And Save The Marriage?

An affair is one of the worst things that can happen to a marriage, as I know from bitter experience. Getting over an affair is tough and can be done, but sadly, at this very moment, thousands of people are suffering the overwhelming emotional pain of an affair. They need help now just as I […]

married couple arguing

5 Tips to End Your Marriage Crisis

When your marriage seems to be falling apart the chances are that you are too. The trouble is, whenever a crisis unfolds in your marriage it can be really difficult to know what to do without making things even worse than they already are. And, as the problems and emotional stress begin to build up […]

man using smart phone

The Signs of a Cheating Spouse or Partner

Do you want to know how to spot the signs that tell you if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you?  Do you suspect that your husband or wife is having an affair? Well, here are  some tips and advice that will help you to find out if your husband, wife, girlfriend or […]

bride and groom kissing

A Healthy, Happy Marriage Takes Work

While you undoubtedly learned many useful things in school, how to create a happy marital relationship probably wasn’t included. Most spouses learn about marriage through the proverbial “School of Hard Knocks.” As a student, you undergo drills to help you learn your multiplication tables, you’re tested on your mastery of geography and science, and you […]

angry man shouting

Sexless Marriages – When Men Stop Having Sex With Their Wives

Sexless marriages are one of the most painful causes of divorce. A lack of sexual intimacy in a marriage is a common reason for a marriage to fail and finding a solution isn’t easy. Sexless marriages caused by physical problems are often curable with medication, but a lack of sex caused by relationship problems is […]

True Marriage Stories

online dating on phone

Man In Chat Room Ran Away With My Wife

A man in the chat rooms ran away with my wife and ended my marriage. My wife actually met him on Yahoo Chat as many cheating wives have done, and still are doing at this very moment. I haven’t seen him in person, which is lucky for him, but I know someone who has and […]


My Wife Just Left Me for Another Man

The title says it all really; my wife just left me out of the blue for another man. And do you know where she met him? In a chat room. She had been going on chat rooms for a few years and she had gotten emotionally involved with another man three years earlier but we […]

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